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Teach “Creating Time” workshops with ready-made content & promotional materials…everything you need to start teaching workshops immediately.

  • Different license packages available so you can pick what is best for your needs, including options with lesson plans, marketing flyers and copy, handouts, etc.
  • Complete lesson plans avaialable for 12 distinct workshops
  • Marketing-focused packages include promotional material and step-by-step instructions to plan and fill your workshops
  • Content is ideal for corporate and business audience with high resale value
  • Handouts and flyers are fully editable so you can customize with your own information
  • Option to present a teleclass marketed to the Artella communuity for additional exposure

Creating Time Facilitator and Workshop License

Option 1: License with Lesson Plans: $199  

Option 2: License with Marketing Package: $399

Option 3: License with Instant Exposure Package:  $599
You now have the opportunity to use the concepts and projects in Creating Time in your own workshops, classes, groups, and presentations. One lifetime fee gives you rights to use this content as many times as you want, while keeping 100% of your revenue.

  Benefits of acquiring a Creating Time Facilitator License:

  • Ready-made content is the ultimate in creating time 🙂 You don’t have to create new content, and are free to adapt the content to fit your needs.
  • Be ahead of the curve and start teaching the material from the ground up, maximizing the momentum of this brand-new bestselling book in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Sell Creating Timebooks at your events for extra profit .
  • The one-time licensing fee is affordable and straightforward; no pay-per-use or annual membership or other hidden fees.

License Terms:

  • You may present any content from Creating Time into your workshops, presentations, and groups, with no ongoing fees or commissions due, providing that you mention that the content is based on the book Creating Timeby Marney K. Makridakis (New World Library 2012).
  • These are teaching/presentation licenses only, and not a license to re-publish or reprint the material
  • There is no restriction to the price you charge for any of your offers.
  • The ARTsignments and projects can be altered by you.
  • You can write your own descriptive sales copy for any offer, but you cannot make false claims
    or misrepresentations of any kind.

License #1: License with Lesson Plans includes:

  • License to use the ARTsignments, exercises, and concepts from Creating Time in your workshops, presentations, and groups; plus access to the 55%-off author discount straight from the publisher.
  • Lesson plans and Suggested Curricula: You’ll receive lesson plans for 12 specific workshops and classes, each offering a step-by-step outline for the suggested workshop, with suggestions for different ways to customize the material for your own needs.
  • A set of 5 turn-key worksheets and handouts that you can distribute for increased value for your workshop participants. Reproduce as many times as you want, and distribute in as many settings as you like. The handouts may be altered with advance permission from us.

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License #2: License with Marketing Package includes:

  • All that is included in Licenses #1 above
  • 12 robust blueprints for marketing copy and workshop descriptions. Each blueprint includes customizable descriptions and inviting sales copy that you can use as-is or modify to your needs, so you can get an easy jump-start on writing your marketing materials.
  • Flyer templates (in Word and Photoshop format) with ready-made designs for you to customize to create your own promotional flyers
  • Image templates (in JPEG and Photoshop format) that you can customize to create logos, banners, and mastheads for your workshops
  • Marney’s helpful booklet, “Marney’s Top Tips for Wildly Wonderful Workshops: From Booking to Blossoming!”
  • A collection of pre-designed logos, banners, and mastheads that designate you as a “Creating Time Facilitator”

License #3: License with Instant Exposure Package includes:

  • All that is included in Licenses #1 and #2 above
  • The opportunity to present one free teleclass to the Artella Community on any Creating Time topic. We’ll take care of the marketing, promotion, and all administrative setup for
    the class, and will give you an MP3 audio recording of the class after its conclusion, for your personal and professional use.This free teleclass offers you the opportunity to:

    • practice your presentation and delivery in a safe, supportive environment
    • reach new clients and students
    • receive valuable feedback from your attendees
    • gather testimonials that you can incorporate into your ongoing promotional pieces
    • present a follow-up offer or invitation to your attendees as a revenue-generating opportunity
    • use the MP3 audio file of your full-length class however you like; share it as a free gift on your website or even sell it as a downloadable recording.
  • You also receive a 30-minute live one-on-one private consulting session with Marney by phone to help you plan and prepare your event, with emphasis on creating engaging follow-up offers and leveraging the opportunity to best meet your goals

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