*NEW!* Reprint Licenses: Mixed Media ME-Flections & Make Change With Your Muse


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Reprint License for 2 Bestselling Mixed Media eCourses

Turn-key Products You Can Sell Online as You Build Your Business

The Reprint License lets you sell eCourses immediately from your own website – as-is or with your own adjustments – to earn passive income to support your growing business.

License Includes:

  • Includes the entire e-course and license gives you full permission to share and sell the material
  • Make your own adaptations to the lessons, or use as-is
  • Each license includes everything you need to get the course up and running: html and text files for 30 days of lessons, handouts, booklets and images.
  • To make things quick an easy, the license also includes marketing copy, sample sales pages, and social media images.
  • Complete beginner-friendly, step-by-step instructions for setting up the lessons in an autoresponder or converting them into an eBook
  • NEW! Plug-In for Aweber Autoresponder: All lessons instantly piped into your Aweber account – making your customization super-fast!

Terms of Master Reprint License:

  • With each license that you acquire, the e-Course is yours to sell online, with no commission paid to Artella.

  • These are online sale licenses only, and not a license to publish or print offline.

  • There is no restriction to the price you charge for any of the courses.

  • You can use the material in other ways, such as repackage it with a more expensie program, or add other components, such as webinars or coaching support

  • The courses may be altered with advance permission from us.

  • You can write your own descriptive sales copy, but you cannot make false claims or misrepresentations of any kind.

Some Key Numbers about Reselling eCourses

I have sold Mixed Media Me-Flections and Make Change With Your Muse as standalone ecourses for $49 each.  With the current 50%-off discount,  just 7 participants will cover your investment, and the rest is 100% profit.

e-Course Licenses

Program: Mixed Media ME-Flections: 30 Self-Portrait Projects to Change Your Life
Unlimited License Price: $499

Quick Summary: 60 days of daily lessons guide the student through creating 30 self-portraits using a variety of artistic media, each project tailor-designed to inspire you to live more fully, passionately and authentically.  This program offers a powerful journey of self-discovery, inner healing, sacred inspiration, and creative fun as you get to know yourself more deeply and become more comfortable and confident with yourself than ever! For more details about this course, you can read about it in the Artella Store, here….


Program: Make Change With Your Muse: Mixed Media Art Projects to Attract Prosperity and Change in Your Life
Unlimited License Price: $499

Quick Summary: 30 days of daily lessons offer a unique combination of art techniques and prosperity practices t0 help creative individuals increase the prosperity and abundance in their lives.  If your life isn’t just how you want it, then something needs to change… and this program uses art projects as the consuit for an energizing journey to shift the way you experience prosperity and abundance in your life. You can read about it in the Artella Store, here….

SpecialCourse Bundle:  $998  $699 for both e-courses