Unlimited Resell License: ARTbundance Studio MasterSplash

$1,295.00 $895.00


The New ARTsignment Studio Master Splash Series begins March 16.

Here is where you can learn about the CREATIVE LICENSE option for ARTbundance Coaches:

The Unlimited License for the ARTsignment™ Studio Splash allows you to take the program yourself and then resell all materials from the program to support your own business and keep 100% of the profit.

Read about the ARTsignment Studio Master Splash here!

The options are rather endless with what you might do:

– Set up a passive income program, where you sell the booklets and videos as a standalone project. No extra work necessary. Price as you like and it’s ready to go.

– Deliver as a live series, just as I am doing did, but doing it in your very own way!

– Split the content up to deliver each module on its own.ine stand-alone workshops, Each project can stand on its own as a webinar, eBook, live class or retreat. Literally dozens of turn-key workshops and materials.

-Sell the digital kit contents on their own. Downloadable art bits are valuable and you have 9 standalone digital art kits ready to go!

– Provide extraordinary value to your private clients by delivering comprehensive ARTsignment Kits and study guides

– Create new projects with the hundreds of pieces in the Kits, which you can then sell. All the 1,000+ images are completely free for commercial use, with this license.

Save $400 … 48 Hour Sale!

The full license is only $895. Unlike many licensing programs, you never pay a percentage, commission, royalty, or renewal; you simply purchase one time and then keep 100% of profits going forward.

Some Quick Math: Deliver the program as-is, sold at the same price; you’d only need to sell 4 of them to recoup your investment. The rest is all profit!

But that’s just one possibility of dozens! Take a look at the suggestions above and explore how you can mix-n-match these kits and classes within your own platform or brand. Draw out a few scenarios and see how quickly you can recoup the investment and go right to 100% profit.

And, your purchase of the License includes free enrollment in the PART 2 program that starts June 8.

To order the License Package, including free enrollment in the live series, click the button below.