From Here to ARTernity

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Format: Self-paced e-course with 3 bonus teleclass recordings

 From Here to ARTernity

A Mixed Media Metamorphosis for the TIME of Your Life!

A little scribble from Marney:

Welcome to ARTernity!  This was the e-course that attracted the attention of publisher New World Library to offer me a contract to write my bestseller, Creating Time!

This program gives you a daily lessons to emerge with a new sense of time in your life.

While there are lots of resources out there to help you manage the time you have, I’ve learned that time management can only go so far. Where time management leaves off, time metamorphosis takes over! From Here to ARTernity is a fun, yet powerful Mixed Media Metamorphosis that invites you to make dynamic, magical shifts in your life by organically re-shaping the way you think about time and completely altering the way you see it and use it! Whether you fantasize about taking 10 years off your age or adding 10 hours to your day,

From Here to ARTernity will inspire you with fantastic, whimsical lessons, and super creative art projects. While making really interesting and useful art projects, we will use what the very latest science discoveries are uncovering about time, as we re-shape the old thoughts and patterns that have been holding us back from being all we can be in this life we are given. From Here to ARTernity is a fascinating adventure for everyone — from absolute beginners to advanced creative artists — where you not only imagine and create, but you completely reshape the way you think about your own time, using your art and imagination as powerful conduits for lasting change…all with a li’l bit of quirky quantum physics thrown in for good measure 🙂

When you enroll in From Here to ARTernity, you’ll receive:

  • A 30-day series of energizing, inspiring, and beautifully laid-out email lessons, featuring 15 inspiring ARTernity projects that are designed to guide you to re-shape your perception of time and create an entirely new understanding of and relationship with it! You’ll learn unique and life-changing tools to forever enhance the way you see time.
  • Three one-hour teleclass recordings to kick-start your ARTernity Adventure!
  • Since creative people are inspired by the very act of creating, you’ll also receive step-by-step instructions to design your own set of highly unique mixed media clocks, watches and calendars, and other imaginative time-tracking inventions. From a mixed media clock that celebrates “un-planning”…to your own altered “Synchronicity Watch”…to a highly imaginative painted “CalEndure” that celebrates your endurance and perseverance…each project is designed to delight you as you try new art techniques and create your own affirming and inspiring creations that re-shape time in your life!
  • Extensive provocative journaling prompts, to help you integrate the concepts of each project in your daily life.
  • Plus, to keep you motivated between lessons, you’ll also receive a daily “Five Minute In It” — a short, inspiring email message from Marney, along with a daily journal prompt, to keep you grounded in the “In It” – the wonderful present moment that is right now.

When you sign up, you’ll immediately receive instructions to begin your lessons whenever you like!

So if you feel that little zing of excitement as you read this, then join me as we all have fun creating, sharing, and traveling…
From Here To ARTernity
while having the time of our lives along the way!

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