Hop Skip Jump for Business (Self-Study Program)


Hop Skip Jump for Business Includes

  • Video recordings of 10 90-minute classes

  • Guidebook with Follow Up Resources, ARTsignments, and Challenges to apply the concepts

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Hop Skip Jump for Business is a 10-week class to generate Play-Powered Productivity for Business Building & Blissness Dreaming.  Based on the bestselling book, Hop Skip Jump by Marney Makridakis, this program is a whole new approach for combining work and play … to have more fun AND get more done!

Why Hop Skip Jump for Business?

  • Break free from stress, pressure and expectations to feel lighter and brighter about your business

  • Finally make progress in the “hard stuff” you’ve been putting off

  • Learn your personal productivity style and how to claim it as your superpower

  • Train yourself to access play whenever you need to shift challenge or struggle

  • Enter a portal of PLAY every week and learn how to build your business from that mindset

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs, project-doers, and venture-raisers…together, we’re all changing the way that business can be done!

A little note from Marney:

My recent Hop Skip Jump online classes have been so popular and SO much fun!  For the next session, I’m doing something NEW…Hop Skip Jump for Business!

If you’re an entrepreneur at any stage of their journey — this program will teach how you to directly apply the power of PLAY while you dream, dabble, and DO your business!

Need More Info? Here are the Playful Particulars

  • Each week will present a a different exercise from Hop Skip Jump, which you’ll be able to joyfully complete in the company of likeminded entrepreneurs who want to PLAY!

  • You don’t need to have a copy of the book – although you might find it helpful to have a copy that you can use to review (and mark up  it with crayons and collage bits, of course!)  You can find a link to the book on Amazon at the bottom of this page.

Our world is changing rapidly – and the way we do everything is shifting. Now more than ever, it is time to create and innovate.

It’s time to PLAY.

Here are some comments from Hop Skip Jump class participants:

I can’t believe how much my day-to-day attitude has changed since Hop Skip Jump. Play is becoming my default reaction and it’s a game-changer!

I never realized how I separate things into two categories in life — work and play — and one never crosses the other. I’ve learned how to make the “dreaded tasks” downright fun!

The highlight of my week!  The best investment I’ve ever made and the most I smile all week.

These classes are amazingly productive. I love that Marney introduces a bit from a chapter, but the majority of the time is us doing the work (or play!) in the kind of inspired interactivity that only Marney can create!  I come away feeling like I’ve had a day-long retreat and can’t believe it’s not even noon!

Marney delivers an amazing amount of value in Hop Skip Jump. It’s fun, yes – but there is a system here that really works, and its one she’s obviously spent decades creating and perfecting, and shares so generously. I’m grateful.

I’ve taken every business class there is, and Marney’s classes are the only ones that get me moving and make me trust myself.  I can’t wait for the new Hop Skip Jump … Business edition!