The Complete Idealist’s Guide to Remote Connection

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The Complete Idealist’s Guide to Remote Connection:

Becoming a Virtuoso in a Virtual World

A Li’l Note from Marney:

These unusual times are inspiring a new need for virtual connection. The Complete Idealist’s Guide to Remote Connection is a new eBook that serves as a one-stop “here’s what you need to know” training to be able to use virtual platforms for your professional and personal needs. 

Of course, there are lots of tutorials and manuals and how-to videos out there to help … and even the occasional helpful tech support person or friendly bot. 🙂  Yes, the information is out there, but the extraneous jargon and technical language can be hard to get past.

Creativity to the rescue….now!  This eBook is presented exclusively in the language of 100% Undiluted Creativity… simple & direct instructions, a need-to-know focus, visual examples, and naturally, it’s spiced up play and creativity to keep your attention and bring a lighthearted touch to the whole process. 

In short, it’s packed with information to help you become a Virtuoso in the Virtual World! 


A Bit About Me & How I Got Here:

I (Marney Makridakis) started Artella in the year 2000. I was living in a very rural area, recovering from a knee replacement, and craving connection.  I thought it might be fun to try to put together some art and writing classes using “this new thing called newsgroups” and old conference call lines. Without realizing it, I was creating one of the very first online communities, and Artella Land’s services became a pioneer in the “new” virtual world. 

I never stopped! I’ve gone on to create hundreds of programs, published two best-selling books, and I’ve now been teaching, facilitating, connecting remotely — and teaching others how to do so — for two decades. I’ve tried just about every platform that’s been out there over the years.

Thankfully, the technology these days is fantastic and very user-friendly, once you have the basics.  I’d like to make it easier for you!

What You Can Expect:

The Complete Idealist’s Guide to Remote Connection provides creative, compassionate guidance to get you up and running with lots of extra tips and tricks up your sleeve.  You’ll find:

  • Tips for Getting Over Tech-Phobia

  • Overview of Platform Options, Pros and Cons

  • Zoom: What Do I Need to Use it?

  • Quick Jump-In Instructions for Zoom Participants

  • Security and Privacy Issues

  • General Tips for Remote Connection

  • Step-by-Step Easy Instructions for 16 Common Zoom Processes

And it’s all delivered in a way that is ideal for creative brains – with lots of visuals and other fun things. Like, for example, singing “Hopefully Remoted to You” to the tune of “Hopefully Devoted to You” from the movie Grease, or “We All Live in Front of the Zoom Screen” to the tune of “Yellow Submarine.”

(I’m totally serious.  If you sing while you’re learning, it’s so much more fun….so that’s why this book has a few fun little songs along the way. Don’t knock it ’til you try it!)

At last, an easy, straightforward approach that made me feel empowered and excited by this kind of technology. I love that I could work through the different skills at my own speed in a very direct approach that is easy to understand. Everyone who is just starting out -or needs to fill in some gaps of knowledge of Zoom or virtual meetings in general – will find what they need here! – C. Richards

Marney’s process of combining Fun with Tech was a great experience for me. Her ebook on using Zoom is a great resource with answers all in one place! – Angie Vangalis