The Gratitude Garland Workshop

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An Art Journal Class for Cultivating Creative Gratitude

Format: This is a 30-day course with ongoing registration. Instructions are available for downloading immediately after order is complete.

Price: $24.00

FEATURED in  Somerset Studio Magazine

This course was originally launched for the  holiday season, but we’ve heard that it is perfect for year-round inspiration, creating a year that you will never forget. In the course, you’ll make a “Gratitude Garland™” created of 30 decorated strips of paper. You’ll create each strip as a miniature art journal of gratitude, one per day. It’s a ritual that is simple enough for anyone to do (including kids!) and quick enough for anyone to stick to. At the end of the 30 days, you’ll have a beautiful garland to use as a decoration or give as a special gratitude gift.

In addition to 30 days of thought-provoking, yet simple-to-follow, prompts to inspire your garland-making, you’ll also receive a workbook with over 150 “ThanksClippings”, which are fantastic images, organized by theme, pre-sized and ready to print out and cut and paste onto your daily slips!

I started my first Gratitude Garland when I wanted to be in a daily process of art journaling, but it felt like too much pressure, both in terms of time and artistic inspiration, to fill up an entire page or spread each day. I wanted to create a ritual that I could keep up with, and that I could enjoy. I had no idea that it would become a fantastically enriching way to cultivate a sense of gratitude and daily magic, through words and art. The process is simple but the results are sensational!

By utilizing the powerful combination of words and art, your creative expressions will instantly gain a significance that allows you to take your feelings of gratitude to new levels. You’ll also be re-awakening your creativity and your playful sense of artful experimentation, as you work with the “ThanksClippings” and the inspiring prompts sent every day via email.

And best of all…THIS is a ritual you can keep up with! Even your family can join in the fun! It only takes a few minutes a day to create your Gratitude Garland, BUT the quality time you’ll spend with your imagination and spirit will go a very long way. For yourself or your family, make this year unlike any other by inaugurating in this new artful tradition!

NOTE: When your order is complete, please download the file with enrollment instructions, and follow those instructions to begin the course.

You CAN make life more meaningful than ever…and your ART can help you do it!

To see a photo of a Gratitude Garland, please click on the image below: