Writes and Passages ~ A Guide to Becoming an “Every Day” Writer

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You’ve heard it before. Writers WRITE. The key to developing your authentic writing voice is to become an “every day” writer, engaging in daily writing practice.

Format: This is a 30-day course with ongoing registration. Instructions will be available for downloading immediately after your order is complete.

WRITES & PASSAGES is a month-long program that provides daily prompts for writing practice. It is an inspiration and support system to get you to transition from TALKING about writing to actually writing.

Every day for 30 days, you’ll receive an e-mail message with several writing exercises to get your writing practice revved up.

Whether you are currently working on a writing project, or you just want to make writing a part of your daily life, these cumulative exercises will expand your creative relationship with words and challenge you to maintain an energetic focus on writing daily.
The cost for this course is $29.00, which is about $1.00 a day, for daily support of your writing goals!

Enrollment instructions will be sent automatically and immediately upon completing your order.

Enroll in Writes and Passages™! Your new writing life is waiting for you!

When your order is complete, please download the file with enrollment instructions, and follow those instructions to begin the course.