The Wealthcare™ Program



The Wealthcare Program:
Radical Reform for Right Livelihood of Creative Spirits

Format: This Program consists of four 30-day courses. You control the starting dates for each course. All instructions are available for downloading immediately after order is complete.

The Wealthcare™ Program: Radical Reform for Right Livelihood of Creative Spirits combines our four popular e-courses related to prosperity and spiritual abundance and presents them in a way that is ideal for artists and creative souls!

The program is geared directly for creative people who have very specific blocks related to the “starving artist”, “starving writer”, or “starving healer” mentality in our society.  The Wealthcare Program combines the spiritual end of attracting abundance with practical tools that are especially suited for creative people who enjoy (or would like to enjoy) expressing themselves through writing and art.

Wealthcare gracefully steps away from the “serious” side of metaphysical practices to delve into the playful aspects of creative life transformation in a spontaneous, boisterous, and often downright silly mindset.

The Wealthcare™ Program features include:

  • Four 30-day self-study e-courses — The program includes the full e-courses “Accounting Your Blessings”, “Miracle Soup”, “Creative ManiFestival”, and “The Gratitude Garland”. On their own, these courses are life-changing. When you put them together…watch out!:-)
  • Flexible order, timing, and structure — The structure of Wealthcare™ Program has been created with your flexibility in mind. You are completely in charge of the order and timing in which you receive the four courses, so you can work them into your life in a way that is convenient, supportive, and inspiring to you! Take one course, and take a break before you start the second one. Take two courses at once. It’s all up to you!
  • 14 Enriched audio meditations — And because Wealthcare™ is all about abundance, in addition to all of these new additions, we’ve added one more new exciting feature. For 14 full weeks, you receive an inspiring MP3 audio audio meditation every Friday, so that you can spend some quiet time over the weekend with Wealthcare Wisdom. The meditations combine music and my own creative guidance, and are designed to bring greater meaning, depth, and connection to your work with the Program. You can keep these meditations permanently, and even listen to them on your iPod, or burn them on CD.

When your order is complete, please download the file with enrollment instructions, and follow those instructions to begin the course.